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Samet Island

There are 14 of calm and white beaches around this Island and surrounded by colorful coral reefs, providing such aquatic sports as swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Samet Island Beach Rayong You can engage in these activities all year around because not only  the weather is always warm, but the island is not much affected by the monsoon, being located off the east coast.

You can also enjoy sunbathing and delicious seafood lunches. If you plan to stay overnight, Samet Island offers air-conditioned bungalows.

The ferry to Samet Island

The ferry leaves from Banpe Pier everyday, from 07.00 until 17.00 ,arrive at 3 piers on Samet Island, which are Thadan Pier (25min), Praw Pier (30min), Vong Duen Pier (45min). You can hire also a speed boat from Banpe Pier to Samet , which costs around 1,000 Baht/Trip.

Getting around Samet Island

Samet Island has only one road going from the North to the South of the Island.

The taxi fees from beach to beach are
• from Thadan Pier to Vong Duen Beach, 30 Baht/trip/person
• from Sai Kaew Beach to Vong Duen Beach, 30 Baht/trip/person
• from Sai Kaew Beach to Praw Bay, 40 Baht/trip/person

you can hire also a taxi for a group of maximum 12 persons.
• from Thadan Pier to Vong Duen Beach, 200 Baht
• from Thadan Pier around the island, 1,000 Baht
• from Vong Duen Beach to Kew Bay, 400 Baht

The beaches of Samet Island.

• Vong Duen Beach (many tourism)
• Tien Bay
• Chow Bay (Diving point)
• Wai Bay (Diving point)
• Kew Bay
• Nuan Bay (many tourism)
• Tub Tim Bay
• Phai Bay (Night life here)
• Sai Kaew Beach (The longest beach of the island)
• Praw Bay (Diving point)
• Loong Dam Beach
• Karang Bay (Diving point, View point)
• Kewna Nai Bay (Diving point)
• Kewna Norg Bay (Diving point)

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